Outlander Fife

Level 2/3 ride for hybrids and tourers.    Start location and order of locations visited can be changed to suit individual requirements.  Accommodation will be in Bed and breakfasts or hotels. ​​
  1. Culross and Aberdour
    Cranesmuir and Castle Leoch
    Culross stands in for Cranesmuir and Castle Leoch in series one. Also in series one the Palace Withdrawing room and gardens were used. In series two the Palace Courtyard and stairway was used as a village encampment. The ruins of the West Kirk were used as the Black Kirk, so no mushroom picking! Next stop is the 13th century Aberdour Castle which was Anne de Beaupre's monastery in series two. You will see the Old Kitchen and Long Gallery which were used in the filming. We can also take some time to wander around the gardens. We then head to that evening's accommodation.
  2. Balgonie Castle and Falkland Village
    Eldridge Manor and Inverness
    Balgonie is a medieval, privately-owned castle. It appeared in series one as Eldridge Manor, home of the MacRannochs. Situated just outside Markinch visitors to the castle included King James IV, Mary Queen of Scots and Rob Roy MacGregor. Featuring in series one and two several locations in the village were used. Farrell's Hardware store is easily recognisable even in its 21st century colours of Fayre Earth. Across the road from Farrell's is Campbell's coffee house where we can stop for some refreshments.​
  3. Dysart harbour
    Le Havre
    The final location we shall visit is Dysart Harbour. Dysart Harbour plays the port of Le Havre in series two and is also St Germains warehouse.