The bike touring company that listens to the client's requirements. 
Scottish bike touring is a small friendly company based in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland and guides tours all over Scotland.

A tour is what you make it.  SBT aim to make it exactly what you want.
Our guide has ridden all the tours and will help you decide on any side trips you may want to take. 

Tours are costed on Hostel accommodation but upgrades are available.  Ferry costs are included when required. Scotland being Scotland there may not always be the level of comfort you want.  The further off the beaten track you go the more adventurous your choice may have to be!
Tailored or Standard?
What do we mean by tailored tours?

The adventure should be yours.  A tailored tour is the tour you want - daily mileage, accommodation and level of challenge all chosen by you organised and guided by us. 
The only limit is your imagination.

We also have standard tours run on a regular basis at a fixed cost. TOURS

 The routes are on quiet roads, cycleways, canal paths and ancient pathways that cross Scotland. Pick a tour, pick the day you want to leave and contact us.

 Couple only tours.  Romantic days cycling along idyllic lochs and sunsets to blow you away.  Choose the tour, upgrade your room choice and call for prices. 

Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride...John F Kennedy.

Here at SBT we agree 100% with that sentiment. 
Our tours are just us and the bike.  No Baggage truck, no tail end mini bus. 
The road and the scenery all to ourselves.

Book a tour with us and we can take care of everything - trains, ferries and beds all you do is PEDAL!

No worries about vehicles left in Glens or docksides......Travel by train and tour by bike.
Gift vouchers now available.  Buy a fixed amount or choose and purchase a tour.

SBT are happy to annunce that CYCLE HIRE is now available in collaboration with Cycle Scotland in Edinburgh.

Travel East to West along Scotland's waterways and through her two biggest cities.

Why not tackle  The Caledonian way.  A versatile route this can be tackled as a 4, 5 or six day trip.  Prices start from £500.  No hostels this trip B & B's or hotels.

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